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7th Apr 2010 - Newbie Nathan - Str8 PT with a very muscular and well defined body - hair free except... - Nathan Berry

Just check out the size of Nathanís muscles and its looking like every part of his body has been getting a workout! He pulls of his shirt to reveal bulging biceps, a hair free and 45 inch chest! This lad is pretty well built for a 22 yo and he enjoys showing it all off for his first time. Once naked he relaxes back on the bed for a while though its not long before his cock stirs and Nathan pumps his uncut cock into another stiff muscle. Luckily this newbie is not shy about showing his ass, though that looks like itís the hairiest part of his body. After he has shown off his many tats, Nathan lies back and pumps hard on his cock, rewarding us with a nice powerful cum shot and belly full of jizz!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor

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