Chase Trent

22 yo  5'9"  38"   30"   straight  8" cock
I remember a whole bunch of things from this shoot with Chase. He brought his girlfriend, a glamour model, so she was really helpful. Chase's nicely toned physique comes from playing quite a bit of football for his local club and also running along the sea front. He was very happy to show us his body and really enjoyed being naked and playing with his cock. The reality was that ot was his girlfriend who leant her hand to quite a bit of the shoot so there is a slightly different edge to this set of photos. Chase was covered in baby oil for most of the shoot, so he is not only slippery but very well lubed!

Chase Trent is a straight english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body. He is 22 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys football.
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