Chris Butler

23 yo  6'0"  42"   32"   straight  6.5" cock
Chris is just out the army and he volunteered to bring his dessert combats so once we had picked off all the badges that would land us in hot water we set to work. He is happy at showing off his body and likes the idea that people will enjoy looking at him. Not only is he happy about stripping but happy to experiment and he is another of these army lads who takes suggestions as orders! Watch him enjoy stripping and look how hard he gets. Once hard and wanking the suggestion is made about showing his ass, no problem…how about something up there… no problem… another experimental squaddie only too happy to please!

Chris Butler is a straight english lad with a 6.5 inch erect uncut cock and a medium, smooth body with tattoos. He is 23 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys rugby & swimming.
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