Jamie Timms

19 yo  5'9"  42"   32"   straight  8" cock
Jamie has some of the most defined abs of any guy I have photographed; in fact his whole body is in great shape. He plays a lot of sports and lives life to the full, plays contact sports and has a thing for the adrenalin rush from extreme sports. When I photographed him he had just come back to London from several months in South Africa. Luckily he is not a shy lad and was happy to get his kit off and have some fun while I photographed him from every conceivable angle! A set with some great close ups.

Jamie Timms is a straight english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body. He is 19 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys water polo, rugby & squash.
25 Mins

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