Kevin Downs

20 yo  5'10"  38"   30"   bi  7" cock
Kevin was a great guy to undergo the "ropes and blindfold theme, this is the first time we have done this so it could be back if you all like the idea? Kevin was really turned on duing the whole shoot and I think the idea of being blindfolded and having someone touch him really turned him on. He really liked the guy whose hands we "borrowed" for a few of the photos, they made a great combination so maybe they will do a full on duo together! Kevin lives up in the far north of England and he has now discovered his love of ropes...he works in a fitness club in his home town and he does have a great body and one thing I discovered is his cock is never soft!

Kevin Downs is a bi english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a swimmer, smooth body with tattoos. He is 20 years old, 5'10'' tall, and enjoys swimming & football.
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