Stevie Mogwai

19 yo  5'8"  36"   30"   gay  6" cock
Stevie is one of those “typical” blond lads, smooth chest, fair skin, blue eyes and quite hairy legs. He was very easy to work with, didn’t show any nerves and enjoyed stripping out of his trackies and wanking off. He typically wears trackies and t shirt and said he rarely wears underwear, so if you see him around London then don’t forget to ask him to prove it! He is the sort of lad that if you had the balls to ask him then he’d pull down his trackies to show you…and more than likely you’d be facing a half aroused cock that after a few seconds stiffens and stands at full attention!

Stevie Mogwai is a gay english lad with a 6 inch erect uncut cock and a slim, smooth body. He is 19 years old, 5'8'' tall, and enjoys football and skating.
38 Mins

17th Apr 2005 - Stevie in the bath - More

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