Todd Jordan

19 yo  5'8"  40"   32"   straight  6" cock
Todd is a 19 yo str8 stud who takes part in loads of sports including rugby, cricket, water polo and athletics. He is certainly sporty and has a nicely shaped body with great abs. He is one of those young lads who seem to enjoy being flattered and on the third time I complimented him on his abs he said “do you want to feel them.” Well I didn’t need to be asked twice and I can report they are really tight and well defined. Now that was certainly as much of him that he was going to offer up for a touch! Originally from South Africa Todd frequently goes back to keep his tan and visit family! He had been back to South Africa about a month ago at the time when we did the shoot so he said he wasn’t all that well tanned! Well I guess there was not a massive contrast between tanned and white bits! He is really relaxed in the shoot and enjoys getting his cock out and got a hard on real quick. He really enjoyed the set and wanked off in loads of positions.

Todd Jordan is a straight english lad with a 6 inch erect cut cock and a defined, smooth body with piercings. He is 19 years old, 5'8'' tall, and enjoys rugby, cricket & athletics.
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