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3rd Jul 2005 - Ryan & Reece's photos - Ryan Scott, Reece Richards

Today we welcome back two popular lads, Ryan and Reece. These two boys really fancied each other, a bit of kissing starts the shoot but very quickly Ryan is squeezing Reeceís cock through his jeans and seconds later has it in his mouth! You donít see either guy soft, they swap some great oral on the sofa and then move to the bedroom for some 69ing. Ryan is gagging for cock and its not long before Reece is pounding his ass. These lads fuck rough and its one of the most passionate duos I think I have shot. Ryan gets both lads cum on him, though Reece is so aroused his shoots way over Ryanís shoulder!

Tags: sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, gay sex, cock sucking, cheeks spread, 2 in 1 hand

Photographs from the shoot