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17th Jul 2005 - Craig's photos - Craig Lawson

Craig starts the shoot in his favourite trackies and t shirt and his hands are soon down his trackies! He pulls them down and plays inside his boxers occasionally giving us a glimpse of his uncut dick! Craig is pretty turned on, has never been in front of a camera and has never messed with a guy but gets a buzz from the whole idea! Once naked he wanks off in a load of positions, you get to see his dick looking like a missile and then he plays with a butt plug. He has never had anything up his ass but after a few minutes there is no stopping him and he gets really turned on! Just look at how much cum is on his chest to see how aroused he was during the shoot.

Tags: indoor, hairy body, foot close-up / massage, finger fun, dildo fun, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot