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31st Jul 2005 - Kev, Brett and Brendan's photos - Kev Adamson, Brett Stevens, Brendan Hill

Three of the sites favourite models, Kev, Brendan and Brett come together for this shoot, two are str8 one gay. The two str8 lads strip Kev out his clothes, stunned in amazement all he can do is get a hard on! He them returns the favour and strips the 2 lads, slowly and taking his time to play with their soft cocks! He is soon on his knees and they both agree to getting their cocks sucked. Kev is in his element, you can see how hard his cock is! There is loads of messing about, the two str8 lads sit down to look at porn while Kev sucks them off! Brendan them blows his load over Kev, Brett dumps his on his abs and Kev then blows his own cum to mix with Brendan’s.

Tags: str8 lad duo, str8 guy getting sucked, indoor, foot close-up / massage, 2 in 1 hand

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Photographs from the shoot