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9th Nov 2005 - Rocco and Adam's photos - Rocco, Adam Oakley

Adam and Rocco are two of the squaddies from Bad Lads Army. They start the shoot messing about teasing each other about getting hard. The guys are watching porn and they both get hard-ons in the baggie pants and pretty soon they are challenging each other to get it out! Both lads pull out their dicks, they are uncut and big, at least 9”/23cm a piece, Rocco’s dick is just chunkier! These two str8 boys wank off together, eyes stray as they check each other out! Both of them are rock solid and wanking for England, Adam looses it first shooting a load of cum on his abs quickly followed by Rocco who fires it all over the place!

Tags: str8 lad duo, indoor

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Photographs from the shoot