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7th Dec 2005 - Steve's photos - Steve Goddard

Steve is a young blond lad full of energy and spunk, he starts his photo shoot in his England footie kit, another lad into kit! He likes the idea of sowing off and teasing and for a little while he slowly takes things off and plays with himself in his shorts giving us occasional glimpses of an ever harding dick! In the end he is dress in just his footie socks wanking off on the floor and on a chair, completely absorbed in his wanking! The are loads of close ups of his ass and you can see him plunging a butt plug into his hairly little hole! It ends in a nice load of cum on his blond ab hairs! Nice mess, now who’d like to lick it up?!

Tags: sports kit, indoor, finger fun, dildo fun, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot