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25th Jan 2006 - Tony's photos - Tony Harrison

Tony is new to modelling, he did one shoot for a mate when he was 18 and has wanted to do it properly since then. He starts his shoot in a new pair of his work overalls and soon shows that he has nothing underneath except a nice uncut cock that he’d like to show off! Tony is a little shy but once he is naked he really enjoys himself and you get to see his partly aroused cock, but pretty quick it is pointing to the sky! He loves wanking and has a really hard cock and he is soon on his back loosing all his shyness spreading his legs and showing off his ass! Soon after he is sitting down pumping away at his cock when he squirts a nice big load of cum on his abs! Great flying cum shots.

Tags: indoor, hairy legs, foot close-up / massage, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot