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29th Jan 2006 - Matt's photos - Matt Collins

Matt is a young lad still in his teens and since leaving school has been training towards his football coaching qualifications which he passed last year. All this hard training means every inch of his body is rock solid, his abs are amazing. The shoot starts with him playing with his football and between each item of clothing coming off he does a little more in showing his ball control! You get to see his soft dick, just briefly, though on touching it its erect and as hard as any missile should be! For a str8 lad he is not shy about his body and shows off ever corner… you can see how smooth his shaved balls are and that his ass has just a few hairs! Matt finishes off in great style squirting cum on his abs and all in his hand, YUM!

Tags: workout, str8 lad solo, sports kit, indoor, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot