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1st Feb 2006 - Jim's photos - Jim Dean

Jim is a student of sports science at one of central London’s well known University’s and is an all round athlete. This is his first time naked in front of the camera and what a natural at showing off his body! Every muscle is just so toned and solid, he strips out his kit to show a hairy chest and really defined abs, teases us a little before pulling down his boxers to reveal his uncut meat, soft at first until after a few touches its rising up and pointing to the sky. His dick is nice and thick, he oozes precum tensing every muscle til its rock solid. He sits down, gets red in the face and gushes oodles of cum all over his abs down his cock… what a lovely slimy mess and Jim even tastes his own juice.

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, indoor, hairy body, cheeks spread

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