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Jack, Kallum and Kyle's photo shoot

Sun 9th Apr 2006
The shoot sees three young and devious lads come together, Jack starts the shoot in charge of the lads, has them kneel in front of him and pull his trackies down. The two lads kneeling in front of him share and suck Jackís cock! After a little while jack starts to get Kallum ready and after a few more photos Kallum is on his knees getting it up his ass. I donít think he knew how big Jackís cock was, but after a little while he just gets so turned on he forgets the pain and rides like a trooper. It all ends in Jack getting drowned in cum!

Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125

Tags: indoor, gay sex, foreskin play, foot close-up / massage, docking, cock sucking, cheeks spread