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26th Apr 2006 - James' photos - James Nichols

A few of you have been waiting for Jamesí latest shoot, he was a little devious in his last shoot and nearly had a real cock up his ass, this time in his solo he breaks more boundaries. He is relaxing in the hotel room playing with his laptop and whips out his dick, within seconds it like a rock! He strips down and shows off every part of his body before he throws his legs high into the air and introduces the butt plugÖ a bit of teasing and up it goes and there is stays, his dick is like steel for the rest of the shoot and he stands up and shoots a huge wad of cum on the desk with it up his ass. Itís not until his clean up shower that it comes out! Not bad for a first time str8 lad!

Tags: str8 lad solo, showering, indoor, dildo fun, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot