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Ryan fucks Kallum

Sun 21st May 2006
Today we welcome back Ryan and Kallum in our hardest ever shoot. Str8 army lad Ryan agreed to fuck a guy and both lads wanted to do it bareback. This is a real dirty shoot, with Ryan spitting into Kallumís ass and rimming it for England! Ryan knows what he wants, his dick is rock solid through the shoot and he just eats up Kallum. Ryan spits one more time on Kallumís ass and then without the need for lube, shoves his loaded riffle slamming into Kallumís ass, who is made so short of breath he pants like a little puppy! The lads go at it real hard, Ryan pulling out a couple of times or to stop him cumming too early! Ryan finally pulls out one last time and squirts a big load on Kallumís chest, with loads of flying cum shots. Kallum then squirts his own load adding to the mess. WOW one hard shoot!

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