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7th Jun 2006 - Jack and Kallum's photos - Jack Allen, Kallum Ash

Today we have Jack and Kallum back for some more hard core action. There is no messing about in this shoot, the lads start in their briefs and Kallum is soon on his knees gorging on Jack’s meat! And what a big piece is it! There is a load more oral and then the lads mess about and dock their foreskins! After some great 69ing Jack rubbers up and Kallum sits down and rides him like a pro. The guys go at it in a bunch of positions with Kallum getting a real hard fucking from Jack’s relentless cock. Before long Kallum is shooting cum through the air closely followed by Jack’s nice big load.

Tags: indoor, hairy legs, gay sex, foreskin play, docking, cock sucking, action in underwear, 2 in 1 hand

Photographs from the shoot