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26th Jul 2006 - Danny-Boy's photos - Danny Boy

Danny-boy our str8 porn star is back for a new shoot, this time even more toned up than before from some hard football training. He is getting used to performing without a girl and really enjoys stripping down and teasing. He plays in his shorts and before long his knob is dangling out and he is doing some push ups! Some brief exertion and his cock is in his hand and all 9 inches of it are pointing to the sky. He loves wanking his big uncut beast and showing it off and he then lifts up a leg so we get some real close ups of his ass! After some more serial wanking Danny is so aroused he simply falls back and squirts cum all over his chest… gush upon gush… anyone would be proud of that big mess!

Tags: workout, str8 lad solo, indoor, hairy body, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot