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30th Jul 2006 - Ryan, John and Toby's photos - Toby James, Jon Janes, Ryan Carter

Three lads get together, 1 is str8, 1 is bi and the other is gay! It’s a great mix as all three are really keen to get on with it and with in seconds there is cock in mouth and the str8 lad is first to do the sucking! John is gay for pay and had the hardest cock and cheekiest smile through the shoot, work that out! There is loads of oral every lad giving and receiving oral. The climax of the shoot is bi-lad Ryan being double fucked and relishing in getting two stiff cocks rammed into his ass. He just loves it and encourages both lads to fuck harder! Ryan gets fucked… fucked… and fucked again before the two lads drown him in cum! WOW I think that ass could fit in a third!

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Photographs from the shoot