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Wed 9th Aug 2006
Today’s shoot; experienced lad Kallum grabs hold of Leigh, the first timer, easing him into the shoot with some intense, tongue swapping kissing. Deciding Leigh is actually pretty confident he just shoves his dick into Leigh’s mouth. Wanting to please he sucks away and the lads enter some great oral ending up with Kallum doing a “head stand” sucking Leigh! Leigh then starts to get dominant and shoves his throbbing uncut meat into Kallum’s willing hole! Leigh then fucks… fucks…. and fucks real hard getting into rabbit rhythm pounding Kallum into submission! Kallum just loves it and both lads get so carried away they both cum within a few seconds of each other.

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Tags: sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, gay sex, foreskin play, docking, cock sucking