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27th Aug 2006 - Fred gives it to Leo - Leo Mack, Fred Oliver

Leo and Fred come together for a sweaty session in the sun. The lads naturally swap some intimate kisses and Leo, not able to hold off, drops to his knees and gorges himself on Fredís lovely stiff uncut meat! Loads of sucking follows as the lads cant seem to get enough of each others cocks. Fred then sits Leo down and pulls his legs up in the air to expose his assÖ in go a couple of fingers as Leo coos with pleasure! Pretty soon after some fingering begins Fred pushes his cock all the way in! Leo loves Fredís meat and he gets a real pounding in a load of positions. Fred pulls out and gushes all over Leosí chest and a minute later Leo shoots his cum over his chest. Lovely sweaty mess!

Tags: outdoor, kissing, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot