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Alex gets fucked

Wed 6th Sep 2006
Its been a year since we saw Alex this time he is back with Str8 lad Jon. They start with some kissing and before long Jon is in Alexís pants and on his knees sucking cock. Now, didnít I just say Jon was str8?! He seems very happy to suck cock and when they switch and Jon gets blown his knob points str8 up to the sky like a rod of steel! There is some great oral then Jon gets the dildo up his ass and he cant stop smiling and his cock just gets harder! After starting to feel a hint gay, Jon slips on a rubber and fucks Alex so hard his cock is almost coming out Alexís mouth! Great action shoot with Jon getting something up his ass for the first time and Alex getting pounded. Both lads end up covered in gallons of juicy goo!

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