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13th Sep 2006 - Jamie fucks Leo - Leo Mack, Jamie Neil

Leo is back with new lad Jamie; you can spot the chemistry a mile away! Both lads were really gagging for it with some intense kissing giving way to some wanking and loads of oral. Leo is first to drop to his knees as he gorges himself on Jamie’s rock hard cock. The lads swap round and there is some brilliant deep throating. Leo ends up on his back with Jamie fucking him real hard, Leo cant get enough and after a 10 minute pounding gets Jamie to sit down and he lowers himself on his cock for some more cock! There is some great fucking in loads of positions and Leo just cant hold back and shoots a massive load of cum while being fucked. Jamie equally gushes buckets. Some great flying cum shots from both.

Tags: outdoor, kissing, hairy body, gay sex, cock sucking, 2 in 1 hand

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