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24th Sep 2006 - Ricky fucks Kallum - Kallum Ash, Rick Smith

Today we welcome back Ricky, one of my first models back and on top form banging Kallum! Kallum is as horny as ever and drops to his knees to try some new cock! He teases Ricky for a while eating him through his briefs, he pulls the end out and sucks… sucks… and sucks some more. Rocky is like a rocket loving Kallum’s attention! The lads swap round a bit then Kallum gobs on Ricky’s ass and shoves in a finger! The next thing you know Ricky has his big pierced meat up Kallums ass who is now on top and riding it like a... This is a great shoot with loads of fucking, both lads end up hot and sweaty and covered in cum!

Tags: outdoor, kissing, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread, action in underwear

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Photographs from the shoot