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8th Oct 2006 - Squaddie Simon wanks - Simon Danby

Simon is our latest str8 lad, just out of the army after 7 years of service; this former squaddie is just boiling over with hormones! He plays about in his combats and boots pulling them down to reveal bulging green pants! Simon pulls down his undies to reveal not just a hard cock, but something so hard it points up slapping against his abs. This is one horny lad! He loves wanking, doesn’t have porn at home and hasn’t wanked for over 2 weeks! All you see is rock hard squaddie in every detail and he even “gave in” to show his hairy ass. After a 45 minute wank, he has been on the edge for 40 of those minutes, every muscle is tense and he releases mass tension to shoot a nice load of cum! Str8 lads, they are always some of the best performers.

Tags: workout, underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, sports kit, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot