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22nd Oct 2006 - Rocco & Adam play in footie shorts - Rocco, Adam Oakley

Rocco is back for a new set with his best mate Adam. Rocco has been training hard, trying to make sure his new set scores well! The two lads are a great act together, they start in footie shorts and before long both are hanging out with hard ons poking out their shorts. There is loads of variation in this set, Rocco is really pumped up and his cock is pretty solid all through shoot and the lads are so competitive together its great to seem them wank next to each other. They pose in and out of shorts and tight undies with loads of great close ups of foreskin and feet. They both lie back, Adam shoots first and then Rocco does his trademark “cum explosion” and near drowns himself!

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, super cum shooter, str8 lad duo, sports kit, indoor, foreskin play, foot close-up / massage

Photographs from the shoot