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15th Nov 2006 - Matt & Kai play - Matt Mills, Kia Robson

Matt and Kai are new to the site, both str8 and really fun to have around for a shoot. The lads begin by stripping down and helping each other and very quick they are naked playing. Their shoot is full of stuff; Kai decides to take a stick and spank Matt saying he wont do it hard! He doesn’t, well at least for a couple, then lashes Matt’s ass who yelps out. They switch and Matt gets his revenge. The lads also have one of the best sword fights I have seen! After a lot of persuading the lads agree to cum over each other… its amazing as they both drown the other! Wow, the things str8 lads do for cash!

Tags: super cum shooter, str8 lad duo, spanking, indoor, foot close-up / massage, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot