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6th Dec 2006 - Toby fucks Gabriel - Toby James, Gabriel Ross

Gabriel and Toby are quick into action, by photo number 5 Toby has his cock out the leg of his shorts and Gabriel is demonstrating his deep throat abilities! It’s a horny set and the lads suck each other loads including toes and then try some foreskin docking! Gabriel is just gagging for some cock and rubbers up Toby and sits down on his cock and rides it for ages his own cock bouncing up and down. Loads of fucking and positions later Gabriel is bursting and squirts a big load of cum all over his chest as he is rough fucked by Toby! Toby then pulls out and rolls onto his back to shoot his cum all over his shorts…they never came off! Horny shoot.

Tags: toe sucking, nipple play, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body, gay sex, foreskin play, docking, cock sucking, cheeks spread, action in underwear

Photographs from the shoot