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3rd Jan 2007 - Jamie fucks Craig - Craig Webb, Jamie Neil

There is a buzz in the air and you can tell the two lads really fancy each other and when they pull out each others cocks and they are rock hard! There is a bunch of sucking neither of them wanting to stop though once I mention fucking Craig is on his back, legs in the air and Jamie stuffs his cock deep up into the hole! Craig loves it and never goes soft as the two lads fuck in a load of positions. Craig is really aroused, Jamie is pounding his ass and its all too much and seconds later Craig is shooting cum all over the bed! After a few seconds he gets back on Jamie’s cock for more fucking and it’s not long before Jamie pulls out and shoots some massive squirts all over Craig.

Tags: sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread, 2 in 1 hand

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