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21st Feb 2007 - Toby fucks Grant - Toby James, Grant Hughs

Grant is a new face and Toby is quick to make him at home! Toby takes off his top and puts his hands in his trackies and is soon on his knees sucking off Grant. Grant is soon at full attention and he is keen to show his own oral talents. Grant is bi and seems pretty talented at sucking cock so I think he has had practice. After some more oral, Toby pulls on a condom and shoves his cock up straight in to Grant. There is a slight whimper and Grant is lapping it up asking for it harder! He loves being fucked and gets it in a load of positions before the two lads are shooting cum and Grant licks up Toby’s juice!

Tags: rimming, kissing, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body, gay sex, cock sucking, 2 in 1 hand

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Photographs from the shoot