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11th Mar 2007 - Kallum fucks Troy - Troy Bolton, Kallum Ash

Kallum retired from porn back in summer 2006, little did we know he fell in love with Troy. Since then they have been shacked up and today Kallum shares his new boyfriend. Troy is a very fit 18 yo squaddie who is slightly nervous to begin but as soon as his cock is in Kallum’s mouth he looses all inhibitions. Kallum gives him great head and its not long before the two lads are sucking each other… Troy is a bottom and he loves Kallums attention down there, fingering and rimming are just a tease and Kallum is quick to follow through with his big stick of uncut meat. He fucks the poor lad into submission, though Troy seems to be whimpering in pleasure and shoots a massive load while being fucked!

Tags: rimming, indoor, hairy legs, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot