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16th May 2007 - Matt & Duncan - Duncan Lee, Matt Hughes

Big Matt our str8 “super hung 1 footer” is back for some more devious fun! Duncan is quick to have a feel through Matt’s jeans and cant believe its not hard! He drops to his knees to explore and pulls Matt’s jeans down, a bit more feeling and Duncan soon has Matt growing and coping out the leg of his boxers! Duncan is soon gorging on str8 cock though not even this expert sucker can deep throat the whole thing, then who could! It’s a fun shoot with Matt soon getting hot and horny and wanting to suck some cock, so loads of oral, loads of ass shots and Duncan’s face is soon covered with Matt’s cum… and he licks it up!

Tags: str8 guy sucking, indoor, foreskin play, docking, cheeks spread, action in underwear, 2 in 1 hand

Photographs from the shoot