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1st Jul 2007 - Matt & James - James Nichols, Matt Hughes

Its rare to see two str8 lads having so much fun together and they are two of the sites favourites! Big Matt is getting quite curious and strips hunky James down to his boxers and ties him with ropes! Matt pulls down his boxers and pulls the ropes tight round his cock and balls, before he drops to his knees and tastes James’ uncut cock. Matt does a great job at blowing James who then turns the table and strips Matt, only he gets a shock when he pulls down Matts’s boxers! Matt is a 1 footer and no wonder James feels a little “average” when he gets an eyeful! The lads wank each other and the inevitable happens, str8 boy spunk comes flying.

Tags: str8 lad duo, str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, indoor, action in underwear

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