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11th Jul 2007 - Kev does Johnny - Kev Adamson, Johnny Graham

Kev is back this time introducing Johnny, a lad claiming to be shy though looking at the bulge in his jeans his hormones are racing! The lads strip each other down to boxers and rub each others growing bulges, out they come and they are both hard! These two are great together and they both do some great oral on each other, then jump into a 69 before Kev gets Johnny in a compromising position and spits in his ass and fingers him getting him ready for something bigger. Johnny is leaning forward getting it doggy probed by Kevís meaty piece! These two cum like nothing I have ever seen, Kevís is the most impressive cum shot I have ever seen on a photo!

Tags: sixty-nine, rimming, kissing, indoor, gay sex, cock sucking, cock comparing, cheeks spread, action in underwear, 2 in 1 hand

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