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Matt does Kai

Wed 18th Jul 2007
This is one of the hottest shoots I have done in a while, though what do you expect when you have two of the sites “horniest” models together for the first time! Matt feels up Kai and they are soon in each others pants and kissing like the world is about to end! Kai pulls out Matt’s cock and gives some great head, Matt returns the favour, they are like two pigs in a cider orchard! Once high on each other Matt lubes up his rubbered meat and slides into Kai’s welcoming hole! Kai loves it and this is the first time in a shoot where you can see just how hard Kai’s bottom distorts as he gets it! Needless to say it ends in two big cum shots!

Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125

Tags: sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, gay sex, cock sucking, cock comparing, cheeks spread