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12th Aug 2007 - Str8 hunk surprise - James Nichols

We welcome back James and boy is he looking fit, with his bod looking really cut! James is full of beans and at his teasy best as he strips down showing off his great tan and ripped abs! James pulls down his pants and there is nothing soft in sight, his cock well more than semi and after a little attention its soon nice and hard and pointing up. He has a play and shows off how much pre-sum oozes out his cock as he plays with streams of it! Not shy about his ass he cant resist showing it off and a few minutes more stroking and he is shooting and I mean shooting cum everywhere, this is a very intense orgasm just look at the amount of cum!

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, oiled up, indoor, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot