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7th Nov 2007 - Jake does Anthony - Jake Cooper, Anthony Clarke

I always thought Jake and Anthony would get on well, Jake is str8 and happy to experiment for the camera, though I didn’t realise how far he would go! The lads begin with a quick feel up and wow a few seconds later they are kissing! That was a surprise, though next they are pulling at each others underwear and Anthony drops to his knees to blow Jake. He cant resist and returns the favour and quickly after he slides his cock up Anthony’s ass and fucks him like a pro! The lads fuck like rabbits in a load of positions, Anthony lies back pushing hard onto Jake’s cock and shoots a big load, quickly followed by Jake who pulls out and dumps his load all over Anthony’s face, who cant resist licking it up!

Tags: str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy fucking, sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, hairy legs, foot close-up / massage, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot