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18th Nov 2007 - 4 lads & 1 is Str8! - David Robinson, Jake Cooper, Anthony Clarke, Matt Brooks

Four lads on the bed and there are erections everywhere, a willing hole and full mouths! The beginning is a whole lot of oral and Jake our str8 lad is one of the hardest! He is enjoying being sucked and giving oral and the hormones are raging. Matt is first to pull on a rubber and slide his uncut meat into Anthony’s hole. He loves Matt’s stiff cock and pushes hard back and 4 minutes later Jake is rubbered and slamming his str8 meat into Anthony. Anthony has only had one str8 lad before… and that was Jake and his cock just gets stiffer. Then its big David’s turn pretty soon Anthony is cumming and then each of the three lads shoot their load all over him!

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