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12th Dec 2007 - Matt's 12 inches slam into Tommy - Matt Hughes, Tommy Hanson

Big Matt is back to let another lad enjoy his massive tool! When we recently met Tommy he asked if we can pair him with some lads with big cocks, so this was a natural pairing! Tommy is eager to fell up Matt and is quick to get into his boxers, pull it out and get it in his mouth! Matt is floppy when we first see it though its soon near full throb with Tommy’s great oral. The lads do some great oral then Matt eases his cock into Tommy and by the count of six he is all the way in! Tommy just loves it and gets the whole of Matt’s 12 incher pounding up his ass! Its not long before Tommy shoots a big load and then gets his face splattered as Matt fires a huge load all over Tommy’s and his own face!

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