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5th Mar 2008 - Kai & Rich flip flop - Kai Ford, Little Rich

Little Rich is new to modelling and so we put him in the experienced hands of Kai who cant wait to get on… Kai is soon tugging down Rich’s trackies, his cock is soft and Kai tugs on his foreskin and his mouth is soon full of rock solid meat. Rich then tries being all dominant and tries to suck Kai and soon realises Kai’s cock is very thick! There is loads of great oral though topped by the fucking, Kai sliding his big meat up Little Rich’s small hole and pounds him in dozens of positions, the lads then flip flop and Kai shoot while Rich fucks his ass.

Tags: sixty-nine, pissing, kissing, indoor, gay sex, foot close-up / massage, cock sucking, action in underwear

Photographs from the shoot