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1st Jun 2008 - New lad Alex gets fingered - Alex Webb, Kev Adamson

New lad Alex has that cheeky smile that just confirms he is enjoying the attention, he gets handled by Kev who squeezes his cock through his jeans and is pretty soon handling Alex’s chunk semi. He is quite big and quickly rises to full erection as Kev deep throats him. He then proves his own oral is pretty good as he gives Kev some great head. They are soon 69’ing and Kev starts to show off Alex’s ass and slides in a finger. Alex just gets harder and harder and they lets have a lot of fun playing with each other. Kev cums first, all down Alex’s back and ass and then Alex shoots his load in Kev’s mouth and all over his face and chest.

Tags: kissing, indoor, hairy body, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread, 2 in 1 hand

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Photographs from the shoot