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29th Jun 2008 - Matt fucks Justin - Matt Brooks, Justin Harris

Today its Matt and Just and Matt as ever is as horny as always and new lad Justin is just bursting to be discovered, or should I say bursting to get fucked! They are really keen to explore and its not long before you see the bulging pants. Matt does a great job at sucking Justin and then Matt praises Justin’s blow job. Just then rims Matt, who returns the favour by rimming and shoving in two fingers! Justin then sits down on Matt and rided him in some very horny and exotic positions as Matt pumps Justin’s ass and then pumps it some more. It all ends with Matt cuming in Justin’s mouth causing him to erupt all over his chest!

Tags: toe sucking, rimming, indoor, hairy legs, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread, action in underwear

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