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7th Sep 2008 - Tony fucks Justin in the tree - Justin Harris, Tony Parker

Tony and Justin as splashing about in the hot tub, their white briefs getting all wet go translucent and semi hard ones are bulging out, Tony’s pants unable to contain him his cock is sticking out the side and as it does Justin drops to his knees to lick and suck it! The lads flip flop between each others cocks, some nice hot throbbing meat being sucked in the water has made them both very horny. They hop out and Justin climbs on top of Tony and rides cock. The lads fuck in some adventurous positions before Tony pulls out and shoot his load all over Justin, who with cum all over his face gets so aroused he instantly empties his balls. Lovely mess.

Tags: rimming, outdoor, kissing, in water, gay sex, cock sucking, cheeks spread, action in underwear

Photographs from the shoot