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5th Oct 2008 - Matt slams into Robbie - Matt Brooks, Robbie Rivers

These two lads are hot for it, their bodies warmed by in the late afternoon sun has made for an exceptionally explosive shoot. As they pull each others cock out you don’t see soft you just see stiff meat and Matt struggles to deep throat Robbie’s long pole which must be about 8.5 inches if not 9. They rim each other and get totally turned on before Matt slides his cock into Robbie who is soon bouncing up and down on it riding cock in one of his favourite positions. Matt slams in hard and Robbie cums buckets all over Matt’s chest and covering his face, he laps it up before he dumps his own mess.

Tags: rimming, outdoor, kissing, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread, 2 in 1 hand

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Photographs from the shoot