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29th Oct 2008 - Will slams in & out of Tony - Will Jamieson, Tony Parker

Tony & Will get straight down to business, Tony cant wait to get hold of Will’s cock and as soon as he pulls it out his briefs he is sucking Will off who cant do anything except sit back and enjoy the ride! After some great deep throat Will pulls out Tony, who is rock solid and he shows his own great deep throat technique. The lads are great at oral though Will is keen to show his skills don’t stop there… as he slides some well lubed fingers up Tony’s hole! Will then shoves in his long and meaty cock into Tony who can only ask for it harder and longer. After about 20 minutes of intense fucking Tony explodes quickly followed by Will who drowns Tony!

Tags: nipple play, kissing, indoor, gay sex, cock sucking

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Photographs from the shoot