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28th Dec 2008 - Your Favourite lad James - Kev Adamson, James Nichols

One of the sites most popular str8 lads is back and James is in fine form as letting Kev play around with him, slightly teasy to begin, James pretends to be shocked at having a guy suck his cock; I think he forgot he weakened many times before! Kev teases James and gives him some great head before dripping gloopy oil around James’ winking hole. An over oiled finger gets a bit cheeky and slides into James, quickly replaced with a favourite toy. He is semi on entry and after seven “in & outs” his meat is solid and foreskin is back! By the time Kev has pummelled James’ cute hole he is bursting and burst he does all over Kev’s face! Another str8 hunk happy to be drained dry!

Tags: toe sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy getting massaged, oiled up, indoor, foot close-up / massage, dildo fun, cheeks spread, action in underwear

Photographs from the shoot