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1st Apr 2009 - Str8 chav Niall fucks Troy! - Niall Frost, Troy Bolton

Last time we saw Troy he was all dominant and fucked a lad, last time we saw Niall he was str8, enjoying Kev sucking his cock! Now he admits he has discovered his curious gene! The foreplay starts with some feeling and kissing; Niall is quick to pull down Troy’s jeans and stuff his already erect cock str8 in his mouth, his cock sucking expertise is definitely suggesting he is also a good cock sucker! Some great oral between the lads, they cant resist a sword fight before Niall stuffs his cock deep into Troy. He gasps and starts to push back and rides Niall in loads of position before dumping his big load on his abs, quickly followed by Niall’s! Another happy lad glad to have explored curiousness!

Tags: kissing, indoor, hairy legs, gay sex, cock sucking, cock comparing, action in underwear

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Photographs from the shoot