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8th Jul 2009 - Str8 Athlete TJ - rock hard in the sunshine - TJ

Str8 athlete TJ is back for a new shoot; this time not worried about revealing his identity so no mask required! He strips off his shirt and its obvious he has been busy playing loads more sport. This buffed up 21 year old shows off his bulging muscles and when his boxers come off his cock is soft with the foreskin dangling slightly long! He plays about in the spa and gets rock hard gently wanking off in the warm waters and sunshine. TJ dries off and lies back on a towel to play with his cock and after a little more foreplay his body shakes as he oozes out his cum all down his cock puddling in his pubes!

Tags: str8 lad solo, outdoor, in water, foreskin play

Photographs from the shoot